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A True Classic!

A true classic, pivot style fin for more tradtional square tail boards. The MTP will help with noseriding and freeing up the tail of a heavy, single fin log. Can also be used on any other type of board for a more tradtional feel or if you want the tail to really hold in when on the nose.

 Available size: 10″ and 9.5″

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A great fin whether looking to noseride or make your board turn a little quicker. Nice wide base gives plenty of drive, while the raked outline and narrower tip gives great release when turning. Perfect for loosening up a tighter feeling retro log, or giving solid feel to a rickety, wobbly feeling tail. 

Available size: 9″ and 9.5″


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Donald’s 60s style fin template that he used in his signature Jacobs model boards. 

Available size: 9″


DT FLEX FINimage-4 – Buy now

Great single fin for mid-lengths or single fin longboards.

Available in sizes 8″, 9″, and 10″


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Donald’s tried and tested DT template is used in a wide variety of his shapes and designs. An excellent fin for someone looking to free up the tail of their 2 + 1 setup longboard, the more upright design allows the tail to pivot a little mote through turns. Also excellent for a single fin on smaller, narrow tailed single fins.

Available in sizes: 7.25″, 8.25″, and 9″



Donald’s preferred fin!image-6

Another of Donald’s tested and proven designs. This is Donald’s preferred fin in most boards he rides. Whether it’s his 9’10” Speed Shape, or his 6’0” Scorpion, it handles anything thrown at it. With a long, raked out shape and plenty of surface area this fin holds in and brings the board around quicker than any other. Use it in single fins and 2 + 1 setups and feel the difference of the Finger fin. 

Available in sizes 6.5″, 7″ and 7.5″



Mid-length maestro, Devon Howard’s, favorite fin template for his Howard Mini Surfboard model.

Available in one size: 6.5″



Donald’s famous side bites!image-8

Donald’s famous longboard side fins were only available as a glass on option for a long time.

Available for FCS fin systems in one size.