Aloha Friends:

It’s been 7 years since the passing of our dear friend and co-founder – Donald Takayama. Although we know that none of us can ever fill DT’s footprints in the sand, we feel honoured to help perpetuate Donald’s legacy for future generations to come. We here at Hawaiian Pro Designs Australia want to uphold what Donald Takayama believed in and share his Aloha Spirit through his life’s work. We plan to keep Donald’s designs traditional “Donald” as the crew spent many years perfecting the shapes/designs with him on a daily basis. Paul Hutchinson continues to handle the shapes — Donald held Paul in very high regard — while our long time trusted laminator and close friend of Donald, John Henneberry continues to do some of the finest layups found in the entire surfboard industry. Each of Donald’s trained craftsmen are “sensei” artisans in their own right and 100% committed to the HPD brand. In short, you can expect to get the same high quality surfboards you’ve come to expect from Donald throughout the years.

We hope to keep Donald’s spirit alive with his never-ending enthusiasm for the sport we all love so much. He will forever be in our hearts and thoughts.


The Donald Takayama ohana and the crew at Hawaiian Pro Designs Australia