Donald Takayama is a critically acclaimed surfboard designer/shaper and built surfboards his whole life. Out of necessity he started shaping wood boards from old railway ties near his home in Hawaii. He grew up surfing in the late 40’s, early 50’s with the likes of The Duke and the legendary Rabbit Kekai.

He is widely recognised as being one of the most knowledgeable shapers in the world. And from those humble beginnings, Donald now manufactures his boards for sale across the globe. He has seen surfers and designs come and go over the years and has continually refined and modified his shapes and designs to bring you his largest and most sought-after range in surfing today.

D.T. was a true Beach Boy in every sense of the word and his shapes and designs continue to keep people loving their surfing and enjoying the true spirit of surfing, which is of course to have fun and share it with the people you love!

IMG_4971North Coast Surfboards are responsible for manufacturing Donald’s boards here in Australia. Under licence, these boards are all KKL-machine shaped and then hand-finished shaped, glassed, sanded etc. at our factory here in Byron Bay.

We have been making Donald’s boards for the last 16 years and always worked tirelessly with Donald to continue to bring the customer the best possible surfboards that money can buy. We now carry on his legacy while still liaising with HPD America to ensure D.T’s designs continue to be enjoyed well into the future.

Whether ordering a custom HPD or selecting one of our stock boards from the showroom, you can be assured that pride has been taken in the manufacturing of your new Hawaiian Pro Designs surfboard.